Great answers from unexpected questions

Question and answer

When has an unexpected question really helped you think differently about a complex leadership issue? Lacking in Space Leaders constantly face difficult, complex problems. It comes with the territory. However our prevailing business culture celebrates instant gratification. Leaders find themselves discouraged from giving really hard questions the space they deserve. A vast amount of energy […]

A world out of balance – are Purpose and ESG the answer?


If Purpose and ESG are the solutions to our broken system you might expect them to be well know concepts, but the average person probably wouldn’t know what we’re talking about! In the rush for ESG data we often miss the bigger picture. Namely is my product or service socially and environmentally positive or negative? […]

How Finance broke its contract with society. One human’s story

My first lesson from a 20 year career in finance, was that Hollywood is a con. It all started with Wall Street and Trading Places… two classic films from a relatively privileged adolescence in 1980’s suburban Sydney, Australia. Part of me grew up actually believing a career in finance would consist entirely of sharp suits, […]