Workplace burnout – why prevention is better than cure

Burnout is on the rise. Employees who were under stress before the pandemic often found that their workloads increased during it. With perks like business travel and social gatherings stripped away, the “always on” culture that has been exacerbated by the digital transformation of organisations got worse.  With people spending their days on video meetings […]

5 tips for lasting, human-centred business transformation

We have crash landed into a new era for business culture. Performing complex transformations has become a basic requirement in business today.  And if you follow any ‘future of business’ trend watchers – Forbes, Accenture, Korn Ferry, etc – complex cultural transformation is our new normal. Their top business trend insights are characterised by rapid […]

Humanising business – the key to driving businesses forward in a post pandemic world

Co-authored with John Rosling, an expert in entrepreneurial thinking, strategy and humanising business and CEO of Contexis Index.  What humanising business means From our experience, both in businesses and through our work with clients, we’re still shocked by how few understand what humanising business actually means. To us, the definition is clear. It’s a deeper […]

Smarter working from an HR perspective

The COVID-19 pandemic was the single most disruptive global event in most of our lifetimes. Its profound impacts are still being felt – many catastrophic and traumatic, but some offering the potential for lasting beneficial (and necessary) change into smarter working. Moving from presenteeism to output An acceleration of emerging trends in how we work is […]

How Finance broke its contract with society. A human story

My first lesson from a 20 year career in finance, was that Hollywood is a con. It all started with Wall Street and Trading Places… two classic films from a relatively privileged adolescence in 1980’s suburban Sydney, Australia. Part of me grew up actually believing a career in finance would consist entirely of sharp suits, […]